New York Times slammed for ‘homophobic’ Trump-Putin video cartoon: 'This is beneath us'

The New York Times is facing heat online over the latest edition of its “Trump Bites” animated op-ed series, which features an extended joke suggesting a gay romance between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“This is homophobic,” said Teen Vogue Chief Content Officer Phillip Picardi, echoing the sentiments of many.

“It is implying that being gay is an insult for both of these men. It implies that being gay would emasculate them. It implies that calling them gay together would anger them and incite reaction. This is beneath us,” he added.

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The video — which you can watch above — shows a comically obese Trump, often in his underwear, in a series of romantic dalliances with Putin.

There are also a number of prominent gags about the size of the president’s hands and an extended French kiss between the two leaders, all set to audio of Trump’s actual words of praise for Putin over the years — with the context removed. Putin appears to be the more masculine of the two. The overall joke is that they are gay.

Reps for the New York Times did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Among Twitter’s influential blue checks, some called the video offensive, while others said it was just dumb.

New York Times slammed over Trump-Putin video

New York Times slammed over Trump-Putin video
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New York Times slammed over Trump-Putin video
Oh so now homophobia is cool if it’s used to rip Trump
@nytopinion This is homophobic.
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The joke here is that Trump is A Gay
So it's ok to use homosexuality as an insult as long as it's directed at Trump? Got it.

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