Georgia cops caught flipping coin to decide on driver’s arrest


Heads, you’re free. Tails, you go to the slammer.

A woman caught zipping past a police cruiser in Georgia was arrested after cops let a coin toss decide her fate, according to 11Alive.

Shocking body-cam video shows Sarah Webb being pulled over for speeding by Officer Courtney Brown, who returned to her patrol car figure out which penalty she should hand out.

Brown tells a second officer, Kristee Wilson, that the ground was wet — suggesting that any potential charges could be upgraded in light of adverse road conditions.

"What do you think?" Brown asked Wilson of a possible reckless driving charge.

There were two problems: The cruiser didn't have speed detection, and the cops had no ticket forms on hand.

So they opened a coin flip app to decide whether to make the arrest.

The result — heads — called for an arrest.

Footage concludes with Webb crying as she’s handcuffed

When the officers explained their bizarre rationale to Webb, the detained driver couldn’t help but laugh.

But it was no joke — the footage concludes with Webb crying as she’s handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car.

The traffic stop, which took place in April, resurfaced this week after Roswell police took a fresh look at the case — and placed both officers on leave.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against Webb after watching the footage.

The two officers involved were forced to turn in their guns and their badges right after Roswell police learned The Investigators were on the case.