YouTube shooter died from self-inflicted bullet to the heart, had no alcohol or drugs in her system

A woman who wounded three people at YouTube headquarters in California killed herself with a shot to the heart, a coroner said.

The pathology report from the San Mateo County Coroner's Office showed no evidence of alcohol or drugs in Nasim Aghdam's system, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Aghdam marched into YouTube's campus in Silicon Valley on April 3 and shot into a crowd of employees who were eating lunch.

After wounding three people in the attack, she turned the gun on herself. An autopsy report obtained by the Mercury News found that a bullet struck her heart.

The newspaper reported that the bullet struck her left lung before it passed through her left rib and out of the body.

“Other than the gunshot wound, the heart appears to be non-remarkable,” the report states.

The autopsy did not find anything in her body that would have impacted her mental state, according to the newspaper.

Aghdam had complained the company's business policies were costing her income and views, according to family members. She had inquired about jobs at YouTube one day before the attack on its headquarters.

She made videos in which she promoted animal rights and explained the vegan diet, often with costumes.

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