The first words of Thai boys rescued from the cave were that they miss home


The first thing the Thai boys rescued from a cave said was that they missed their homes and were happy to be out of the cave, officials at the the Chiang Rai hospital said on Sunday.

A doctor at the Chiang Rai hospital said at a press conference that the eight boys who have already been rescued from the caves are eating well.

All of the rescued boys had low temperatures, but are being warmed up. Two are being treated for a "minor" lung infection.

The first four boys have been allowed to see their families through a glass window as doctors continue to conduct thorough health checks and monitor the boys for any contagious diseases. Psychologists have deemed them in good mental state.

The boys will need to remain in hospital for at least a week as they recover.

Four boys were rescued on Monday, joining the first four boys who were extracted Sunday evening in the hospital.

More rescue efforts to free the remaining five boys and their coach are underway.

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