Texas officer under review after pulling gun on children

A police officer in El Paso, Texas, was placed on administrative leave after a video showing him pulling a gun on a group of young children went viral.

The video, filmed on Thursday, was posted to Facebook on Friday by 15-year-old Jacob Saucedo, according to NBC News affiliate KTSM. In the video, Saucedo is dragged by officers before being handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol vehicle with another boy.

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

El Paso police officers were responding to a report of criminal trespassing when they came across Saucedo, according to a statement released by the department.

Saucedo said he was crossing the street to meet his mother at the Seville Recreation Center when police told him to get up against a wall for questioning, according to KTSM.

Jacob said that prior to the video's start, the officers grabbed him by the neck and forced him to the ground.

"I'm just mad because I don't know why the officer choked me," Jacob told KTSM.

The alleged choking is not filmed and El Paso Police Department did not immediately respond to NBC News' request for information about the circumstances of the video.

In a statement, the El Paso Police Department said it is investigating.

"A series of events unfolded while the officers were handling the call and culminated with the situation that was captured on video and posted on social media sites. The Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an investigation of the incident. Additional resources have been allocated to assist in expediting the investigation," the statement reads.

What is on camera begins by showing an unidentified police officer confronting a group of approximately 15 children, some whom appear to be teens and others who appear to be significantly younger, many of whom can be heard shouting expletives at the officers as they detained Jacob.

Jacob can be seen sitting on the floor in front of the officer, who within seconds of the video starting, draws his weapon and points it at the group of kids.

The officer who pulled the gun approaches the group again with a baton drawn while another officer continues to arrest Jacob.

Later in the video, the boy filming the confrontation is also taken into custody and hands his phone off to Jacob's mother, Michelle Flores, who is in the crowd confronting the officers. Flores, who was inside the recreation center, said she rushed outside after hearing the commotion from the other children.

"I jumped over and it's one of my sons getting choked by an officer," Flores told KTSM.

Flores also hurled curse words at the officers as they detained her child.

As Flores confronts the officers, they detain a third child. The more than five-minute video ends with four officers in frame, with one asking Flores for more information.

Two people who were detained were charged with interfering with duties of a police officer, KTSM reported. It's unclear if Saucedo was among those charged.

The El Paso Police Department said the officer in question is a four-year veteran and has been "assigned desk duties pending the investigation."