Is Hope Hicks coming back to the White House? Here's what she reportedly is saying

Amid rumblings that Chief of Staff John Kelly is losing influence with the president and now faces imminent replacement, a familiar name is being whispered: Hope Hicks. But would she even want the job?

According to The Daily Beast, the 29-year-old has told friends she wouldn't return to the White House this year, even if President Trump asked her to.

The former White House communications director and Trump loyalist resigned in February after a grilling from Congress as part of the Russia probe. Since then, reports claim Trump has told confidants he misses her and stays in contact with her.

When asked about the rumors of Hicks’ return, Trump said, "I love Hope. She's great. I hope that — I've been hearing little things like that.”

Then, after chastising the media for burning out members of his White House adding, “Frankly, Hope is great and so are many of the other people and they went out. But many people would like to come back."