Trump faces backlash after his tweet about Thai cave rescue

President Trump is facing backlash after posting a message about the youth soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand.

“The U.S. is working very closely with the Government of Thailand to help get all of the children out of the cave and to safety,” he tweeted Sunday morning. “Very brave and talented people!”

While Trump did not specify how the U.S. was involved, the Air Force Times reported days prior that three-dozen U.S. troops stationed in Japan—including a search and rescue team—had been sent to assist in the cave mission after the Thai government asked for help.

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Nevertheless, critics on social media went on the attack, with some comparing the situation to Trump’s controversial policy of separating undocumented kids from their parents at the border.

One person wrote: “When the President cares more about a team of Thai kids instead of the children on his own soil.”

And someone else tweeted: “Once you’re done with that, get those kids out of cages out in Texas as well!”

Meanwhile, others blamed Trump for trying to take credit amid news that at least four boys had been successfully pulled out of the cave.

“Are you seriously trying to take credit?” wrote one tweeter.

According to the Washington Post, the rescue operation is expected to remain in high gear as “water levels in the cave are the lowest they have been throughout this mission, authorities said.”

The precarious situation began on June 23 when 12 young soccer players and their coach were exploring a cave in northern Thailand but became trapped by rising waters caused by monsoon rains.