Duterte promises immediate resignation if someone can prove God exists

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he would step down immediately if someone could present evidence that God is real.

According to an RT report: “The outspoken leader made the vow on Friday during one of his signature freestyle speeches. Duterte said if anyone can say that they have either ‘been to heaven, talked to God [or] saw him personally,’ he would resign as president ‘tonight.’”

“I just need one witness who will say, ‘Mayor, those fools at the church ordered me to go to heaven and talk to God. God really exists. We have a picture together and I brought a selfie,’” he reportedly added.

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Last month, Duterte faced criticism after saying that God is “stupid,” reports CNN.

During a speech given in Davao City, Duterte said in regard to Adam and Eve’s failed test of temptation and subsequent expulsion from the Garden of Eden, “Who is this stupid God? This son of a b***h is then really stupid. How can you rationalize a God? Do you believe?”

While the Philippine leader is a known critic of the Pope and regularly makes outlandish and often offensive statements, the New York Times noted that “applying them to God appeared to be a first for him.”

At the time, the BBC reported that in the wake of Duterte’s remarks and the public outrage that ensued, his office issued a statement stressing that the leader was “expressing personal beliefs.”