Africa may have just seen its hottest day ever recorded

The North African town of Ouargla, Algeria, which is located in the Sahara Desert, just experienced temperatures of 124 F, or 51 C, which may be the highest ever recorded on the continent.

The record won’t be official until experts from the World Meteorological Organization examine the thermometer to make sure it was working properly.

According to Axios, the blazing temperature was caused by a heat dome that forced air to sink towards the ground and become warmer.

The current highest temperature ever recorded on the continent was 131 F in Tunisia, but that number has been widely disputed by meteorologists.

The new high temperature taken in Algeria would have to be certified as official and the record in Tunisia would have to be declared invalid for the new one to take over the number one spot.

However, record temperatures aren’t just being broken in Africa.

Recently, Quebec experienced a deadly heat wave that killed 33 people, the New York Times reports.

According to numerous scientific studies, heat waves are an obvious effect of global climate change, especially as long-standing heat records are being broken all around the world as we are just a few weeks into summer.