Mom finds missing sex-trafficked daughter after spotting Facebook video showing her being assaulted

A Milwaukee mom is relieved after taking matters into her own hands to track down her 16-year-old daughter who she says was abused and trafficked for sex.

Bonnie Bruno was able to get a lead on the whereabouts of her daughter Armoni Chambers after a Facebook video surfaced of the girl getting viciously assaulted. Chambers went missing May 17.

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The video reportedly showed a man assaulting Chambers, choking her and wrapping a leash around her neck while berating her.

Bruno suspected that Chambers was being prostituted and enlisted the help of a local activist Tory Lowe to help track down her daughter after Bruno said police lagged in their efforts to locate Chambers, reports the Daily Mail..

But once Milwaukee police sent Armoni’s photo to the media, a tip led Bruno to a Greyhound bus station’s video surveillance which showed Chambers boarding a bus from Milwaukee to Chicago.

Lowe and other activities Chicago, teamed up to locate Chambers in the city. They found her and convinced her sex traffickers to release her.

“Some of the toughest neighborhoods on the west side of Chicago, and we went there fearless and we were determined to bring Armoni home,” Lowe told Fox6.

On June 29, Bruno held a press conference to reveal that her daughter had been found.

“She is home, she is safe, she is loved,” said Bruno.

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Bruno believes that her daughter was lured by someone she believed she knew.

“I’m pretty sure she thought [it was] her boyfriend,” said Bruno during the press conference.

Instead the girl met up with a man who was a sex trafficker. She was beaten, drugged and sold for sex.

“She thought she was going to die every day,” Bruno told reporters.

For other parents, fighting to find their children, Bruno encouraged moms to stay the course.

“Don’t give up,” Bruno said. “When your gut tells you something isn’t right, you have to speak up.”

Chicago police are investigating the case.

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