Report: Trump-Putin Summit will include one-on-one meeting between two leaders

President Trump reportedly plans to hold a private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the start of their July 16 summit in Helsinki, Finland.

CNN notes that when Trump met one-on-one with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, there were no aides present, just the two men and their translators.

Concerns about such an arrangement include there being no official record of the discussion, which can create difficulties in verifying any agreements or concessions said to have been made.

One topic that apparently won’t be addressed at any meeting that day is Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

According to Time, that restriction was announced on Monday by a spokesperson for Putin.

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The Brookings Institution, a public policy research organization, says that there are a number of key matters that should be discussed if the summit is to be a successful one.

Those include a path to improved relations, prioritizing nuclear arms control, and Russia’s interference in the U.S. 2016 election.

It also notes that, in order to come into the summit in a position of strength, Trump must have positive interactions with allies during the July 11-12 NATO summit.

Brookings notes that will send “a message of robust allied unity, especially in responding to the challenges posed by Russia.”