'Psychic' octopus that predicted World Cup matches has been killed for food

It’s too late for both Japan and its “psychic” octopus at the World Cup.

The national team squandered a 2-0 lead in a 3-2 loss to Belgium on Monday, eliminating the Japanese. Meanwhile, the octopus credited with predicting the outcome of Japan’s previous three matches had already met its demise ― sold as seafood, outlets reported.

Fisherman Kimio Abe caught the octopus last month off Hokkaido and assigned it match-forecasting duties, according to a translated article on the Mainichi website.

He placed the octopus in a plastic tub containing flagged boxes that represented Japan (for victory), its opponent (for defeat) and a draw. Wherever “Rabio” (or Rabiot, as some outlets have it) swam first was considered the creature’s prediction.

The octopus proved to be a spineless Jimmy the Greek, correctly choosing Japan to defeat Columbia, tie with Senegal and lose to Poland. “I’m glad that all the forecasts turned out correct and Japan moved on to the knockout stage,” Abe said.

Here’s the cephalopod predicting Japan’s upset of Colombia:

The oracle octopus didn’t get a chance to prognosticate Japan’s elimination game against Belgium. Abe sold it to market, meaning the octopus could be sashimi by now.

Deadspin and at least one Twitter user blamed Japan’s defeat on the octopus’s death.

Other outlets made sport of the creature’s fate. PETA was not amused.

The BBC noted that Rabio wasn’t the only invertebrate to act as a media-propped prophet. In 2010, a German octopus named Paul predicted the outcome of six World Cup games.

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