Laura Ingraham warns immigrants: America has 'only so much love' to spread around


Fox News host Laura Ingraham said on Monday that separating immigrant families at the border was “sad,” but argued that there was only a finite amount of love in America.

“Most people believe that if you come into the country illegally, it’s sad when your family gets separated, no one wants to see that, but it’s your responsibility,” she said, according to a clip posted by Media Matters.

Ingraham claimed that one woman who was reunited with her daughter after being separated at the border complained that America “doesn’t have a heart.” Then she blamed the mother for crossing the border illegally in the first place.

“That’s nice that she’s reunited, but she made that decision. So, I understand the heart argument, I get the compassion argument, but Americans have been struggling for, like, three decades, and haven’t seen a raise,” she said, adding:

“So, there’s only so much of the love you can spread around, when your own family, an American citizen, or an American veteran on a street is having trouble.”

Ingraham has previously said that the detention centers for immigrant children were “essentially summer camps,” and complained that “the American people were footing a really big bill for what is tantamount to a slow-rolling invasion of the United States.”

Ingraham’s compassion knows no bounds. Earlier this year, she came under fire after she mocked one of the survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, for not getting into some of his preferred colleges. Here comments prompted several advertisers to drop her show.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.