Woman at California beach drowned trying to save three kids

A woman who attempted to save three children at a California beach drowned trying to save them. 

The incident occurred near Half Moon Bay when three children were swept out to sea by the undertow. 

The unidentified 47-year-old had been taking photos with her family at Cowell Ranch State Beach before jumping into the water to help the kids, according to The Bay City News. 

She was then carried out by the strong current and was unable to be saved by her family. 

However, the children were rescued by other family members. 

Authorities say that her body was pulled back into shore and CPR failed to resuscitate her.

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Symptoms of dry drowning
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Symptoms of dry drowning


"Persistent coughing or coughing associated with increased work of breathing" should be brought to the attention of a medical personnel -- if not immediately -- said Parents.com.

Shallow breathing and trouble breathing

The child will be gasping or coughing for air. He or she may feel like they can't catch their breath

Nausea and/or vomiting 

Vomiting can sometimes be triggered by persistent coughing. It's also a "sign of stress from the body as a result of the inflammation and sometimes a lack of oxygen," said pediatrician Kathleen Berchelmann to Parents.com

Confusion and exhaustion 

An enhanced state of confusion or exhaustion may be a result of the brain's lack of oxygen. 

Don't just put your child down for a nap -- be wary of these symptoms. 

Chest pain

Chest pain could be associated with extreme coughing or vomiting. 


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