Ex-Trump aide pushes for Hope Hicks as chief of staff because Trump will 'listen to women more than men'


Former Donald Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg suggests that ex-Communications Director Hope Hicks may be making a comeback to the White House.

Nunberg believes if the current chief of staff, John Kelly, leaves this summer, Hicks would be perfect for the position because President Trump quote “listens to women more than men.”

He told MSNBC’s Alex Witt that Trump is thinking about not having a chief of staff at all but instead wants to operate the White House like his business headquartered in Trump Tower, where he has had a strong-willed woman executive handling his calls, knowing him and getting his zen.

She knows the way he works. She’s not going to be insulted like John Kelly that the President is going to do what he wants to do.

According to the Hill, the White House has denied the report that Kelly is leaving, but Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he loves Hope and many people would like to see her come back.

Hicks previously worked for the Trump Organization before joining his campaign.

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