Donald Trump Jr. suggests Elizabeth Warren name her new puppy 'Sniffing Bull'

Donald Trump Jr. on Monday suggested that Senator Elizabeth Warren name her new puppy “Sniffing Bull.”

The recommendation was made in conjunction with a retweet of Mother Jones’ call for name proposals, which included an image of Warren with her small, furry friend.

The senator announced the addition to her family on Sunday, writing on Twitter: “When I got back from Washington on Thursday night, Bruce had someone new waiting for me. There’s a lot of pain and chaos in the world right now — we decided to bring a little gentleness and normalcy into our lives. Meet our new puppy (name TBD). He’s a sweetie.”

As for Trump Jr.’s name recommendation, it appears to be inspired by the name his father has often used when mentioning Warren.

President Trump and a number of his supporters have taken to calling the senator “Pocahontas,” due to their skepticism that she, as claimed, has Native American ancestry.