British woman flies nearly 4,000 miles to tag friend in world-spanning game

A British woman flew nearly 4,000 miles from North Carolina to Scotland to say “you’re it” in a game of tag she’s been playing with a group of friends for six years.

Georgina Wilkinson, 28, showed up to Drew McEwan’s family gathering in Loch Lomond disguised as a gardener, where she tagged him, quickly ran away, and immediately flew home. She told that her friend’s reaction made the long journey worthwhile.

“I expected a very dramatic reaction from Drew,” she said. “I expected shouting and screaming and stone silence and confusion. So he made it worth it.”

However, McEwan, 31, said he wasn’t being dramatic.

“It was a completely proportionate reaction to the anxiety, the pressure, the impending high-risk, all-or-nothing stakes that one must live with once they have been tagged,” he said.

The game started in China in 2010, when the group of 10 students met during a cultural exchange.

Wilkinson said they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they came up with the idea to start a game of tag.

“We all kind of talked about how funny it would be to start playing and I don’t think anyone thought it would get to this level,” she said.

Wilkinson isn’t the only one who’s gone to extreme measures to say “you’re it.” In fact, the friend who tagged her flew just as far to surprise her in North Carolina.

“She dressed up as a statue in a ghost museum and somehow got me in there and jumped out from behind an exhibit. The list goes on,” said Wilkinson.

Her stay may have been short, but the surprise took six months of planning and secret collaboration with McEwan’s family in order to pull off, Wilkinson said.

And the group of friends don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“Nobody’s going to be the person to put a stop to it, to be the killjoy. So, I think we’re in it for life,” said Wilkinson.

Now it’s McEwan’s turn to be “it,” and Wilkinson said the stakes are higher than ever.

“I think he loved it, but I’m not envious of him,” she said. “I feel a bit bad now how much pressure’s been put on him.”

This group isn't alone in its love of tag. Earlier this year, Inside Edition caught up with several of the "Tag Brothers," the buddies who started playing in their Spokane, Wash., high school nearly three decades ago and whose exploits are the basis for the movie "Tag," starring Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson and Hannibal Buress.

"We've been doing this for [28 years] straight and I don't see an end in sight," one of the group’s members told Inside Edition.


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