With John Kelly's possible looming departure, here are the front runners for Trump's chief of staff

President Trump could replace chief of staff General John Kelly as early as this summer.

Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Trump is talking to advisors about replacements for General Kelly, who has also reportedly told co-workers in the White House that his time may be almost up!

Kelly’s departure would be the latest high-profile personnel change in the Trump White House.

Kelly has said he may not stay past July 31, which would put his tenure as Chief of Staff in the White House at just one year, and would come after Trump’s trip to Europe, where he has a meeting scheduled with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The top two picks to replace Kelly reportedly include Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers and acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney.

However, the White House is pushing back on the reports, with the deputy press secretary telling reporters, "I spoke to the president who refuted this article. He said it is absolutely not true and that it is fake news."