Woman whose body was found chopped up and scattered across Brooklyn park was strangled

The 26-year-old woman whose hacked up remains were found strewn about a Brooklyn park died from being strangled, investigators have determined.

Brandy Odom’s killer — who remains on the loose more than three months after her body parts were found scattered about Canarsie Park in Canarsie the morning of April 9 — strangled the woman before her body was dismembered, the city medical examiner determined after an autopsy and studies on her remains.

Odom’s head and torso were discovered by a dog walker. Cops later recovered the dead woman's severed limbs in the park following an exhaustive search of the greenspace. A serrated blade, described as a small saw, was also found in a garbage can inside the park, cops said.

Detectives suspect Odom was killed somewhere else 24 hours before her killer dismembered her and dumped her limbless torso in the forest, according to sources.