Man whose offensive body odor caused an emergency plane landing dies of tissue necrosis

The man whose body odor was so offensive that a plane had to make an emergency landing and remove him has died of tissue necrosis, according to People.

At the time, a number of his fellow passengers on the Transavia flight had strong physical reactions to the foul smell, which was assumed by many to be due to poor hygiene.

The flight, which departed from Spain’s Canary Islands on May 29, made an unscheduled stop in Portugal, and the passenger in question, a Russian rock musician named Andrey Suchilin, was escorted by medical personnel to a waiting vehicle, reports Fox News.

Suchilin is said to have contracted the body-tissue-killing infection while on his beach vacation.

He reportedly received treatment and surgeries in Portugal, but his condition worsened.

According to the Daily Mail, Suchilin, who had fallen into a coma, ultimately succumbed to organ failure.