Father accused in 'honor killings' of daughter's husband and her best friend, claimed she tried to poison him with anthrax

A 60-year-old man in Texas, who is on trial for the alleged "honor killings" of his daughter's husband and her best friend, claimed she tried to poison him with anthrax, prosecutors say.

Ali Irsan repeatedly called police, but authorities say there's no evidence his daughter took any chemicals from the Houston hospital where she worked, according to the Chronicle.

Montgomery County Homeland Security director Darren Hess testified Tuesday that Irsan called for help because he believed he found anthrax in his home. Other witnesses also testified about the claim, according to the Chronicle.

Prosecutors say Irsan, who is from Jordan, was so angry about his daughter Nesreen's marriage to a Christian that he killed her husband Coty Beavers and her pal Gelerah Bagherzadeh, an Iranian women's rights activist.

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"There is only one way to regain that honor and redeem that shame," prosecutor Jon Stephenson said in court this week, according to Click 2 Houston.

Prosecutors claim Irsan, his wife Shmou Wabdeh and son Nasim were all part of the 2012 murder plot, which also targeted daughter Nesreen, according to the Chronicle. A former neighbor helped Nesreen escape.

"This isn't an attack on the Muslim religion," Stephenson said, according to Click 2 Houston. "This is one man and one family's extremist views that were taken to the extreme and led to the deaths of two innocent people."

Irsan could face the death penalty if convicted. His son has also been charged with capital murder.

The trial is expected to last up to two months with at least 100 witnesses expected to testify, according to Click 2 Houston.

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