Comey predicts Americans will 'tire of' Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey slammed President Trump in his recent interview with The Economist.

“The rhythm of history, of American history, tells us that eventually, the American people in their great mass will tire of him and come to realize that he threatens what is essentially America, which is our values,” Comey said.

He added that Americans will “come to see that whatever trade they convinced themselves was worth it to elect such a person, it isn’t in the long run worth it to trade our values for the rhetoric, the promises of a particular person like that.”

The two men have frequently traded barbs after Comey was abruptly fired by Trump in May of last year.

Trump has since referred to Comey as “Slippery James Comey” and “Shady James Comey.”

He’s also described him as an “untruthful slimeball,” and said that “it was my great honor to fire James Comey!”

While Comey doesn’t seem to have a nickname for Trump, he did describe him unfavorably in his new book ‘A Higher Loyalty,’ writing that Trump is “unethical, and untethered to truth,” and compared him to a mafia boss.