SEE IT: Trump supporter berates landscapers because they're 'Mexican,' calls them 'rapists and animals'

A 27-year-old California man and his mother were called "rapists" and "animals" by a Trump supporter while trying to do landscaping work.

In the tirade, which was caught on video, the unidentified woman confronted Esteban Guzman and his mom and said she hated them because they are "Mexican."

"We're honest people right here," Guzman, who was born in California, can be heard saying in the video, which was recorded Saturday.

"You’re rapists, and animals," she said. “Drug dealers, rapists and animals."

The woman mentioned President Trump during her racist tantrum, which was recorded by Guzman's mother and went viral on Twitter.

Trump used similar wording when he announced he was running for president in 2015. He said Mexico is "not sending" their best people, and alluded to them as "rapists."

"I don't like to play the blame game," Guzman told the Daily News on Monday. "Just because the President of the United States says something, it does not give you the right to act like him."

Guzman said he and his mother were simply trying to do their jobs when they were confronted.

"This lady comes from the other side of the street and starts yelling at my mom, 'Go back to Mexico,'" Guzman said.

He said he stepped in to defend his mother when the offensive exchange took place.

"She was not going to listen to me," he said. "She was trying to get me to react."