Cristiano Ronaldo had to go to his hotel window to quiet Iran fans down the night before a huge match

  • Iranian fans gathered outside of Portugal's hotel and made noise to keep them from sleeping.

  • Eventually, Cristiano Ronaldo got up and went to the hotel window and pleaded with fans to let them sleep.

  • Portugal and Iran play in a must-win match on Monday.

Cristiano Ronaldo had to plead with Iranian fans Sunday night to keep the noise down outside of Portugal's hotel room in Saransk, Russia during the World Cup.

According to reports, dozens of Iran fans gathered outside of Portugal's hotel room with vuvuzelas, bells, and drums to try to prevent the Portuguese team from sleeping. Iran and Portugal play on Monday in a must-win match for both teams.

One video showed Ronaldo eventually going to the window and pleading with fans to be quiet.

According to Martin Rogers of USA Today, such methods have backfired before. Paris Saint-Germain fans once tried to disturb Ronaldo's sleep before a Champions League match against Ronaldo's Real Madrid. Ronaldo responded with the go-ahead goal to win the match.

Beating Portugal would send Iran into the best-of-16 round in the World Cup, the biggest win in the country's history. They may have to contend with a sleepy, but motivated Ronaldo to do so.

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