Sarah Sanders says she was told to leave a restaurant because she works for Trump

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted Saturday that she was asked to leave a restaurant because of her job in the Trump administration.

“Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so,” Sanders wrote on Twitter.

According to The Hill, news about the incident seems to have gone public after a self-identified waiter at the restaurant wrote on his Facebook page, “I just served Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a total of 2 minutes before my owner kicked her out along with 7 of her other family members.”

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The establishment’s Yelp page has since been targeted by people from both sides. For example, one person gave a five-star rating with the comment, “They serve amazing food with a little bit of justice on the side. Next time I am in town I am going to eat every meal here!”

Meanwhile, someone else gave the place one star, writing, “Don’t eat here if you’re a Republican, wearing a MAGA hat or a patriot.”

What happened to Sanders echoes the recent dining experiences of some other Trump administration officials. In separate incidents, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House adviser Stephen Miller were both heckled while dining at Mexican restaurants.

The two were reportedly targeted over the government’s controversial policy of separating undocumented children from their parents at the border.