Disturbing video shows California police officer dragging woman out of car

Humboldt State University is investigating the now-viral video of a woman’s violent arrest by campus police after it was posted to Facebook Sunday.

Samantha Luna, 20, and her friends were pulled over by officers near the Northern California campus. One of the friends was arrested for sticking her head out of the sunroof and Luna was not happy about it.

In the video, she asked the cop why she was being rude and the cop fired back, saying it was her disposition that was disrespectful. The two then got into verbal scuffle.

“You're about two seconds from going to jail for public intoxication," the cop told her. "Do you not understand that? So I would stop talking if I were you."

As she continued to argue, the officer eventually had enough and told her to get out of the car.

When she refused, the officer tried to pull her out of the car.

As Luna was fighting off the cops, she grabbed the female officer by her hair and would not let go.

"Cut my hair — I don't care," the officer is heard telling her colleagues.

Security expert Steve Kardian looked at the video for Inside Edition.

"Even if the police officers were wrong in arresting her, she has no right resisting arrest — it is a crime in the state of California," he said.

Luna was charged with suspicion of public intoxication and battery on an officer, but she says she did nothing wrong.

She posted the videos on Facebook and blasted the cop, saying, "She had no need to act so unprofessional. She was seeking a reaction out of me when she should have been de-escalating the situation.”

Luna is not a student at Humboldt State University and says she plans to sue.


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