Trump lashes out at ABC News over false graphic about Paul Manafort

President Trump on Wednesday lashed out at ABC News for displaying a false graphic about Paul Manafort.

“Look what Fake ABC News put out,” Trump tweeted. “I guess they had it prepared from the 13 Angry Democrats leading the Witch Hunt! #StopTheBias.”

The president also included a static ABC News screenshot, reading, “MANAFORT PLEADS GUILTY TO 5 CHARGES OF MANSLAUGHTER.”

The Washington Post notes, “Manafort, a longtime Washington lobbyist and President Trump’s former campaign chairman, has legal troubles, indeed. They tend to cluster, however, in the nonviolent areas of money-laundering and conspiracy as well as witness tampering.”

ABC News apologized for the error.

“We regret and apologize for the false lower third graphic that aired during our special report. We are investigating how incorrect information was in our system and how and why it was allowed to air,” the network stated. “We apologize to our viewers and to Mr. Manafort. There simply is no excuse for this sort of mistake.”