Comey responds to Hillary Clinton’s tweet: She still 'doesn’t understand' what her email investigation was about

Former FBI Director James Comey recently defended his use of a private email server while at the bureau and said he will not be apologizing to Hillary Clinton, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Comey was asked during a Tuesday panel discussion in Berlin if, in light of the revelation about his own email practices, he intends to apologize to Clinton.

“No, and here’s why. Again, I don’t want to criticize her, but it shows me that even at this late date she doesn’t understand what the investigation in her case was about,” Comey replied. “It was not about her use of a personal email system, and she didn’t get that during the investigation.”

“It was about communicating about classified topics on that system when those topics have to be done on a classified system,” Comey added.

He went on to explain that his situation was entirely different, as he only used the private server to perform decidedly not-top-secret tasks, like moving speech drafts he’d written at home onto his government account.

Comey’s use of an unsecured server was revealed in the report recently released by the Department of Justice Inspector General.

Clinton responded to the news by tweeting, “But my emails.”