Baker Mayfield fires back at Colin Cowherd for constant criticism (Video)

Baker Mayfield has no time for Colin Cowherd’s flimsy criticism.

Cowherd, who hosts a show on FS1, made it pretty clear in the lead up to the NFL draft that he was not a proponent of Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy-winning Oklahoma quarterback who went on to be selected No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Browns.

Despite Mayfield’s consistently excellent play, Cowherd pointed to things like his size and character to detract him as an NFL prospect and once deemed Mayfield “undraftable” because of his infamous February 2017 arrest.

The two had another flare up on Twitter on Tuesday leading to an appearance from Mayfield on Cowherd’s show on Thursday. It did not go well for Cowherd.

Mayfield, who hilariously wore a sweatshirt with the word “undraftable” on it, set Cowherd straight on a number of things. In the clip above, Cowherd pointed to a celebration after one of Mayfield’s touchdowns in a big road win over Ohio State. The host said he did not like Mayfield, after a touchdown pass, celebrating away from the rest of his teammates.

Mayfield set him straight.

“Our band was over there. Our student section’s right there and then (I went) straight back to our sideline,” Mayfield said. “Did you watch the rest of the game? You did? So you saw me celebrate with my teammates the three TDs before that, too? You pulled the one clip of me right there running to our fans that traveled well to that game and then you didn’t show the rest of our clip of me running to our sideline?

“You’re acting like I just ran away from everybody. I feel like you’re going for the ‘I’m not a team guy, I’m selfish.’ Is that what you’re shooting for here or what?”

The rest of Mayfield’s appearance is below.

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