Poll: First lady Melania Trump's approval rating drops

A new CNN poll shows that Melania’s favorability has dropped by 6 points. 51 percent of Americans now view her in a favorable light, down from 57 percent in May. The number of Americans who are not in favor of her has increased from 27 percent to 29 percent.

CNN conducted the survey from June 14th through June 17th.

The Hill notes that the first lady did not make any public appearances for 25 days after she was hospitalized for a kidney procedure last month. The site also reports that right before undergoing the surgery she announced her “Be Best” initiative to end cyberbullying and shine light on the effects of opioids on young people.

Even with the changes, Melania Trump’s approval rating is still higher than the president’s, which is at 40 percent, according to a CNN poll.