16-year-old Utah girl dies after 100-foot fall during hike

A 16-year old Utah girl died after plunging 100 feet at a waterfall while on a hike.

Kaylee Marvin sustained serious head and leg injuries after she lost her footing in Utah’s Santaquin Canyon.

Emergency medics were dispatched to the location at around 10:30 a.m. on Monday while Marvin’s friend performed CPR.

They were unable to revive her, and authorities say the fall was a tragic accident.

A lieutenant with the Utah County sheriff’s office said:

“She took a misstep, she basically slipped while she was trying to navigate across a log. “With the water up there and the slick rocks the way they are, she just unfortunately didn’t put her feet in the right locations and slipped off the edge."

Kaylee Marvin’s family said she was ‘beautiful inside and out.’