Poll: Americans favor another nation's leader over President Trump when it comes to trade policy

A new poll finds that Americans favor Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau compared to President Trump when it comes to world leaders’ clash over trade policy.

The poll administered by Globals News and Ipsos found that 57 percent of American participants think that Trudeau has handled the discussions over tariffs and other trade problems well, compared to just 37 percent who approve of Trump's handling of the situation.

The poll also found that 71 percent of Americans polled believe that the ongoing tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed by the Trump administration have weakened relations between the U.S. and Canada.

This most recent poll comes after a survey from Monmouth University showed that Americans believe Trump’s relationship with Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is better than with any other world leader.

Trump and Trudeau have been at odds since the G-7 Summit earlier this month after Trudeau reciprocated tariffs to combat the ones put in place by the Trump administration.