Teacher marries mom of 10-year-old student who played matchmaker

A California teacher who fell in love with the mother of a 10-year-old student got down on one knee to propose to both the girl and her mother in a heartwarming video.

Jessie Wittmayer asked Shyyra Miller if he could become her dad before popping the question to her mom, 29-year-old Krysta Miller.

“When I decided I wanted to ask Krysta to marry me, I knew Shyyra had to be a part of it," Wittmayer said. "I’m marrying Krysta but I’m taking on the role of father and husband at the same time, so I decided, 'I’m going to ask her permission.'"

Wittmayer had previously worked at an after-school group in 2014, when he met Shyyra, who was in the third grade at the time.

Krysta, a single mom, said her daughter always came home chatting about her favorite teacher, "Mr. Thor," a nickname she had given Wittmayer due to his long blond hair.

At first, the pair only saw each other in passing, but began making small talk regularly when Krysta picked up Shyyra from school. However, over the course of a year, Wittmayer said he began to feel a connection with the mom and asked her out in October 2015.

They began dating, news Shyyra was thrilled about, and in March of this year, Wittmayer decided he would ask Krysta to marry him.

It happened during a sunset walk with Shyrra and Krysta, during which he got down on one knee.

Wittmayer first asked Shyyra if he could be her dad while presenting her with a necklace. She said yes.

He then turned to Krysta, who he asked to be his bride, and her answer was the same.

“When he proposed to Shyyra too I wanted to start crying," Krysta said. "Shyyra has been wanting a dad forever. Straight after he proposed she started calling him dad."

Krysta said she’s looking forward to being married to her best friend and the trio becoming a family.

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