Report: Lakers ask Ball, Kuzma to end public insults

The Los Angeles Lakers have asked Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma to tone down their public barbs posted to social media, according to a report from ESPN.

The Lakers spoke with both players after Ball released a rap diss track titled "Kylie Kuzma" that offered some very personal jabs directed at Kuzma. The track included a lyric about Kuzma, who was raised by his mother Karri, not knowing his biological father.

The rap song is the latest in an escalating series of public jokes the two teammates and close friends have hurled at each other. They exchanged insults on social media throughout the regular season, and that eventually led to Kuzma releasing a "Player Hater's Ball" roast of Ball in a video produced by Bleacher Report.

In a February interview with ESPN, both Ball and Kuzma said that their public taunts were good-natured and that neither of them took the insults personally. After the Lakers spoke with the two, it appears the saga is over.

"Everyone's had their fun now get back to work," Karri Kuzma tweeted Wednesday.

--Field Level Media