Rubio: Coverage of Trump’s North Korea summit exposes 'incredible hypocrisy' of media

Florida Senator Marco Rubio took to Twitter on Tuesday and slammed those criticizing President Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I too have concerns about how all this with #NorthKorea will turn out. But I don’t recall all the ‘experts’ criticizing Obama when he met with a brutal dictator in #Cuba who also oversaw a police state & also killed & jailed his opponents. #DoubleStandard,” Rubio tweeted.

“Presidents meeting with #KJU exposed incredible hypocrisy of many in media,” Rubio wrote in another tweet. “When Obama did these things, he was described as enlightened. When Trump does it he is reckless & foolish. 1 yr ago they attacked Trump for leading us towards war, now attack for being too quick for peace.”

The senator also referenced a Washington Post article in his tweets.

“Critics, including some Republicans, have said Trump gave away important leverage by agreeing to meet Kim as an equal, without an explicit agreement about nuclear weapons eradication beforehand,” the post’s piece stated.

However, Trump has expressed that the summit was a tremendous success for the US.

“We haven’t given up anything, other than…I agreed to meet. And I think the meeting was every bit as good for the United States as it was for North Korea,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday. “Only a person that dislikes Donald Trump would say that I’ve agreed to make a big commitment.”