FBI agent who accidentally shot bar patron after dropping his gun charged with assault

The off-duty FBI agent seen in a viral video dropping his gun and accidentally shooting a bar patron has been charged for the dangerous snafu.

Chase Bishop, the Washington, D.C.-based agent, was booked for second-degree assault, local Fox affiliate KDVR reported, more than a week after his dancing moves turned violent at the Denver watering hole.

He was captured in a June 2 cellphone video, doing a backflip at the Mile High Spirits Distillery when the handgun fell out of a holster in the back of his pants.

Bishop tried to recover the gun once his feet hit the floor, but it went off and struck Thomas Reddington in the leg while he sat at a nearby picnic table.

The off-duty G-man was brought to a Denver police station, but wasn’t charged and handed over to an FBI supervisor.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office was investigating the incident and awaiting the results of a blood-alcohol test.