Stacks of WWII-era cash worth $2.5 million found under floorboards of store

Fortune can be found in the most unexpected places -- like under the floorboards of a sporting goods store.

The BBC reports stacks of cash from around the time of World War II were discovered underneath floor of a Cotswold Outdoor store in the UK.

The store was being renovated and layers of rotten tile, carpet and floorboard were ripped up when the money was discovered.

The store actually used to be an English tailor shop that was often frequented by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife.

All in all there were 30 bundles of £1 and £5 bank notes totaling £30,000 -- which after adjusting for inflation -- would have been worth around $2.5 million dollars today.

Heir to the old family business, Howard Bradley suspects the money may have been stashed there as an escape fund in case the Nazi’s invaded.

The New York Post reports that the Sussex police have the money and are investigating who the rightful owner is.