Rudy Giuliani says former FBI director James Comey could be prosecuted based on inspector general's report


President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday he thinks former FBI director James Comey could be prosecuted as a result of an upcoming inspector general’s report into his handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe.

Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz is expected to release his report this week on the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State.

“The report of Horowitz, the IG of the Justice Department, will confirm Comey acted improperly with regard to the Hillary Clinton investigation,” the New York mayor turned Trump personal lawyer said on the John Catsimatidis AM 970 radio show.

Giuliani predicted the report would be “very very critical of Comey, as it should be.”

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“Comey really has a chance of being prosecuted as a result of it, but we’ll see,” he said.

Trump fired Comey as head of the FBI, a move that led to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, the possibility of collusion with Trump’s campaign, and any efforts by Trump or his associates to obstruct prior investigations.

That probe is now being led by special counsel Robert Mueller, who has secured a series of indictments against Trump associates and Russian nationals.

Giuliani called for Mueller to wrap up his investigation by Sept. 1 to avoid influencing November’s Congressional elections.

“The elections are coming up, and he shouldn’t do a Comey and try to interfere in the elections,” Giuliani said.

The comment was a reference to Comey’s announcement just days before the 2016 election that the feds were reopening the Clinton e-mail probe because new evidence had surfaced, a development some Clinton allies think cost her the election.

“Whatever he’s got, he should put up or shut up. And whatever he wants to say he can say,” Giuliani said. “We’re very prepared to rebut it all. We’re also very prepared to show how this was not a fair and impartial investigation.”