'Fake news CNN, the worst': Trump lashes out at CNN reporter

President Trump on Saturday slammed CNN after a reporter said that “there was a sense that America’s closest allies were frustrated” with him over trade tariffs and asked if he was leaving the G-7 summit early for “friendlier talks with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong Un” in Singapore.

In response, Trump asked the reporter which network he worked for and remarked, “I figured. Fake news CNN. The worst.”

Dismissing the reporter’s assertion at the G-7 summit, Trump stated, “I would say that the level of relationship is a 10. We have a great relationship.”

In another recent attack on the network, Trump tweeted on June 2, while referring to recent data that showed Fox News as having better ratings than CNN, “Real @FoxNews is doing great, Fake News CNN is dead!”

During his presidency, Trump has repeatedly slammed the mainstream media outlets.

“The Fake Mainstream Media has, from the time I announced I was running for President, run the most highly sophisticated & dishonest Disinformation Campaign in the history of politics. No matter how well WE do, they find fault. But the forgotten men & women WON, I’m President!” Trump wrote in May.