56 child skeletons found in Peru believed to be part of ancient ritual sacrifice

The skeletons of 56 children believed to be sacrificed by an ancient civilization have been discovered in Peru.

There were also 30 young llamas found near the children is part of an apparent ritual to appease the gods 600 years ago, according to the Daily Mail.

It is just the latest in ancient Chimu civilization mass burial sites found in the Huanchaco district that archaeologists say was 'a place of human sacrifice unprecedented in the history of the world'.

Director of the Huanchaco Archeological Program Dr. Gabriel Prieto Burmester says the bodies were wrapped in cloth suggesting the bodies were prepared before the children died.

He added, “There is no evidence of sick children, they were in good health, which suggests that they were middle or high class…”

The Daily Mail says archeologists ar calling it the largest single case of mass child sacrifice in history.

Burmester believes the mass human sacrifice was used to “stop the negative effects of El Nino” that was occurring at the time.

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