Michael Wolff reveals he's working on 'Fire and Fury' sequel

This fire isn’t ready to go out.

Michael Wolff revealed Friday he’s working on a sequel to his page-turning Trump administration expose “Fire and Fury.”

The 64-year-old author told Axios’ Mike Allen he has signed with the same publisher, Manhattan-based Henry Holt, for a follow-up to the bestseller, which had the White House in full defense mode even before it was officially released.

But it’s unclear how Wolff would be able to pull off another book as scorching as “Fire and Fury,” since most of his sources, including Steve Bannon, have departed the White House.

The scribe wouldn’t reveal much about the sequel, only telling Allen, “it’s untitled, unscheduled, unfocused.”

Wolff did however spill one no-brainer detail: “It’ll obviously deal with American politics at this point in time.”

“Fire and Fury” sold a whopping two million copies in the U.S. alone.

The book was both praised and ridiculed. Critics drew attention to a handful of inaccuracies in the book while supporters highlighted the explosive insider quotes.

The Trump administration issued a cease and desist letter ahead of the book’s release, but Wolff’s publisher stood firm.

“The president is free to call news ‘fake’ and to blast the media,” the publishing house’s CEO, John Sargent, said in a statement at the time, “but a demand to cease and desist publication…That is something that no American court would order, as it is flagrantly unconstitutional.”