Rumors of where LeBron James will land in free agency have been swirling for months — here are his most likely destinations

LeBron James has the potential to turn the NBA upside down this summer when he becomes a free agent.

Not since 2014 has there been any buzz that James would seriously consider leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, despite frequently opting out to sign new contracts.

But this year is different. At the end of last season, rumors began circulating that James would seriously consider leaving the Cavs for a different team. Since then, the buzz has only grown, though James has given zero indication of what he may want to do.

While James can realistically force a trade to any team in the league, we tried our best to rank the teams that might best fit his needs and desires: a big market, existing talent, cap space, and a winning culture or the potential to become a winning team. On top of that are all the rumors about his interests.

Take a look at which teams might be best suited to land King James this summer.

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