Rudy Giuliani accuses Robert Mueller team of trying to ‘frame’ Trump

Uttering yet another stunning claim, Rudy Giuliani says special counsel Robert Mueller is trying to frame his client, President Trump.

According to the Associated Press, while in Israel, Giuliani said Mueller’s team includes “13 highly partisan Democrats ... (who) are trying very very hard to frame him to get him in trouble when he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Giuliani is also saying Trump has the power to pardon himself but that he won’t because he’s innocent.

The firebrand lawyer’s latest comments come as part of a tv blitz. Days earlier Giuliani told ABC’s “This Week” Trump had “no intention” of pardoning himself. Then telling NBC’s “Meet the Press” if Trump did pardon himself it would lead to his impeachment.

For the past year, Mueller has been investigating any potential links between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, an investigation which Giuliani warns needs to conclude sometime in September.