Photos from deadly Guatemala volcano show area totally covered in ash, as nearly 300 are confirmed dead or missing

  • Images from Escuintla, Guatemala, show the strange blanket of white ash that has descended on the area.

  • 75 people are dead and 192 missing after the Volcán de Fuego erupted on Sunday.

  • Secondary eruptions and lava flows have forced even more people to evacuate.

Authorities in Guatemala have released otherworldly photos of the area around a recently-erupted volcano covered in white ash, as almost 300 people are declared missing or dead after an eruption.

The images show the city of Escuintla, part of the disaster zone around the Volcán de Fuego, or "Volcano of Fire," which erupted on Sunday.

They were taken by the Guatemalan National Civil Police during the disaster operation, which has so far confirmed 75 deaths. 192 more people are still missing.

On Tuesday evening, hundreds of people who live near the volcano were still trying to evacuate, as new lava flows were pushed from the volcano in a secondary eruption.

According to The Associated Press:

"A column of smoke rose from the mountain Tuesday afternoon and hot volcanic material began descending its south side, prompting new evacuation orders for a half dozen communities and the closure of a national highway.

"The country's seismology and vulcanology institute said the smoke billowing from the volcano's top could produce a 'curtain' of ash that could reach 20,000 feet above sea level, posing a danger to air traffic."

The rescue operation is expected to continue on Wednesday, and the toll may rise further.

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