LeBron James after WNBA's Lynx don't receive White House invite: 'It's laughable at this point'

The sports world has reached a boiling point with President Donald Trump.

At least when it comes to championship teams visiting the White House.

Minnesota Lynx announce alternative to White House visit

The WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx announced Tuesday in a news release that it will use its time in Washington D.C. commemorating its 2017 championship performing community service after failing to receive an invitation from the White House.

“The Minnesota Lynx will commemorate winning their fourth WNBA Championship in Washington D.C. through community service with an event at Payne Elementary to host a Samaritan’s Feet Shoes of Hope Distribution,” the release read.

The event is scheduled for June 6. There was no mention of the White House or Trump in the release.

The announcement comes a day after the White House canceled last-minute a visit from the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles after several player planned not to attend.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry not interested in White House visit

LeBron James said “you just laugh to stop from crying” in response to the decline of the tradition of team visits to the White House under Donald Trump. (Reuters)
LeBron James said “you just laugh to stop from crying” in response to the decline of the tradition of team visits to the White House under Donald Trump. (Reuters)

NBA star LeBron James, whose Cleveland Cavaliers are playing against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, said after the Eagles incident that the White House shouldn’t expect a visit from the NBA regardless of who wins the series.

On Tuesday, Warriors star Stephen Curry concurred, telling reporters “I agree with ‘Bron.”

James addressed the issue again on Tuesday when asked about the Lynx’s situation.

“It’s laughable at this point,” James said. “You always hear the saying, you just laugh to stop from crying. I think that’s a lot of the instances that’s going as far as outside of the sports world. We know how important sports is to our country and how it continues to bring people together.”

The Warriors declined to visit the White House last year, as did the 2017 North Carolina NCAA men’s basketball championship team.

Is this the end of a tradition between champions, White House?

It seems unlikely the Lynx will be the last team to miss a White House visit while Trump still resides there.

As long as the White House is one that refuses to disavow violent, deadly attacks from Nazi sympathizers cloaked behind the veil of the “alt-right,” there is very little reason for any diverse group of athletes to stand in Trump’s presence.

As long the White House bullies the country’s most powerful sports league into submission while cloaking the issue in the flag using derision and division as players raise awareness of racial inequality and police brutality, there is very little reason for any organized team visit to the Trump White House.

Whether it’s a tradition that is beyond repair, only time will tell.

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