Marco Rubio made the worst Super Bowl prediction ever

Marco Rubio made a terrible Super Bowl prediction, and then tweeted a video of himself doing it so he can never take it back. (REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci)
Marco Rubio made a terrible Super Bowl prediction, and then tweeted a video of himself doing it so he can never take it back. (REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci)

June is dawning, and that means the football season is less than 100 days away. It’s close, yet still so far away. Teams won’t play a single meaningful snap for months, but that’s not stopping one football fan from making his Super Bowl prediction.

That football fan? United States Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. He tweeted a video with his prediction on Friday, but be warned: it’s quite possibly the worst Super Bowl prediction of all time.

Rubio picked the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns to play in the Super Bowl. Yes, the Cleveland Browns. The same Cleveland Browns that won zero games in 2017 and were thrown a fan parade to celebrate their futile season. And Rubio knows it, too.

“From no wins to the Super Bowl — which I think you can do nowadays.”

Baker Mayfield may already be inspiring his Browns teammates, but their road to the Super Bowl is long. Like, really long. At least the Saints are a defensible pick, but the Browns? Seriously?

Here’s the thing: Rubio doesn’t even want the Browns to make the Super Bowl. That’s why he picked them. He’s tired of always picking his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, only for them to miss the Super Bowl. So this year he’s trying something different by picking the Browns.

“And that, I am hoping, will make me lucky enough to see the Dolphins in the Super Bowl, because I didn’t pick them.”

Yes, he’s trying an old superstition tradition to get his team to the big game. And he did it on June 1, months before the season starts, when we’re actually closer to the last Super Bowl in February 2018 than we are to the next Super Bowl in 2019. Then he ends the video without even picking a winner!

Why did Rubio decide to make that video and show it to the public? He has every right to make terrible Super Bowl predictions, but why make a video of himself doing it so the whole world knows and then he can never, ever take it back?

Aside from doing it for his own personal amusement, it’s a mystery. Rubio isn’t up for reelection in November, but maybe he’s trying to appeal to his base through football, though some fans in his home state will be annoyed that he didn’t stay true to the Dolphins. But then he picks the Browns in a sarcastic way, knowing that they’ll probably fail to get to the Super Bowl. Hopefully Rubio isn’t thinking about running for president again, because he’s already lost Ohio.

No matter why he did it, Marco Rubio’s Super Bowl picks are now on the record. He’s picking the Saints and the Browns to play, and didn’t pick a winner. But really, after watching that video, none of us are winners.

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