Police say YouTube shooter also had handwritten address of Google

Police say the woman who opened fire and wounded three people at YouTube’s Mountain View, California, headquarters before killing herself back on April 3rd scoped out the company's campus a day prior to the attack.

The Associated Press reports that the San Bruno Police Commander Geoff Caldwell said the shooter Nasim Aghdam had the handwritten address of Google in her car at the time of the shooting. Google owns YouTube.

KNTV notes that when Aghdam visited YouTube's headquarters she "inquired about employment." New details from police say she was at the office for approximately 10 minutes.

Yahoo News reports that police say it seems Aghdam committed the April 3 attack because she was unsatisfied with YouTube's business practices. A website she was reportedly affiliated with noted that the company was trying to “suppress” content creators, according to KNTV.