Goose leads wild chase, survives scary crash after interrupting MLB game

Not since Rich Gossage has a goose made such a spectacle of itself on a baseball field.

During Wednesday’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, an actual Canada goose got loose on the field and interrupted the proceedings. It happened in the sixth inning, shortly after the teams returned from a brief rain delay.

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The goose had no apparent plans of leaving either, which set off a literal wild goose chase on the field. In the process, the goose made a mockery of the Comerica Park security forces (which was actually mostly made up of grounds crew members, but it’s more fun to think the goose avoided security), leading them around the field for a good a 30 seconds.

To that point, it was a strictly comical event. Then it took a more serious turn when the goose went airborne and crashed full-force into one of the digital scoreboards that lines the interior of the ballpark.

A Canada goose stole the show and survived a crash during the Angels-Tigers game in Detroit. (AP)
A Canada goose stole the show and survived a crash during the Angels-Tigers game in Detroit. (AP)


The stunned goose tumbled into the seats below, but we’re happy to report the goose is healthy and ready to wreak havoc again.

You’ll notice the Tigers added the hashtag #RallyGoose. That’s because the game was tied when the goose arrived, and from there Detroit went on to score five unanswered runs to win the game 6-1.

Whatever works, right?

The Angels have the “Rally Monkey.” The St. Louis Cardinals had the “Rally Squirrel.” If the now 25-30 Tigers go on a surprising run this summer, the “Rally Goose” will most certainly become a thing in Detroit.

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