Why has Melania Trump not been seen in public in weeks?

The public has not laid eyes on first lady Melania Trump since May 10th when she welcomed home three American hostages from North Korea.

Four days later, she underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.

She spent almost a week recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before heading back to the White House.

According to her office, she has met with her personal staff about her initiatives, and has begun planning for the congressional picnic, which took place June 22nd last year, and the 4th of July.

But Twitter is not satisfied with the first lady tweeting thanks to service members and their families and sending her condolences to those affected in Santa Fe, Texas.

Evidently, they want to see pictures of her having meetings; and know if she is ok, where she is and why the long disappearance from public view -- 20 days and counting.

But she is not the first “first lady,” to undergo surgery while living in the White House.

CNN reports that according to former first lady Laura Bush’s chief of staff, Anita McBride, in 2007, after a two and a half hour outpatient procedure for her neck, the former first lady spent about a week with nothing on her official schedule.