Twitter feud breaks out between Melania Trump's spokeswoman and CNN contributor

An all out Twitter feud between first lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman and CNN contributor April Ryan broke out on Sunday.

Ryan accused Stephanie Grisham of creating an “atmosphere of hate" after the journalist tweeted out an article from the Root, satirically asking if the white house was running a child trafficking ring. The actual topic discusses the recent report that the Department of Health and Human Services lost nearly 1,500 minors placed in adult care.

Grisham, questioning Ryan’s ethics as a journalist, wrote, “ it ok to retweet any headline you want, regardless of if it’s true?”

Ryan, retorting back, said, “Really! Did you read the story? I guess not per usual. You and many in this admin work to discredit us in the press. What happens when you all tweet crazy stories. Where is the accountability there?“

Grisham then pointed out the danger of tweeting a headline with “zero context,” but Ryan held her ground, saying that’s the point. “Just reading headlines is not the story and you went after me for not knowing what the story was. Not cool!”

Amid the back and forth, Fox News, picking up on the twitter beef saying she tweeted about the Trump administration running a child-trafficking ring. Ryan tweeting about the misleading headline, saying it “creates an atmosphere of hate against me that leads to ugliness. It has to stop!”

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